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We now have dedicated trailer and asset parking spaces available for lease in Joliet Illinois. Our Joliet Truck Parking facility is located just east of Interstate 55 and only minutes from the BNSF Logistics Park Chicago and Union Pacific Global.

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Price Per Spot: $150 Per Month
Phone Number: 1(866)899-6104 x701
Address/Location: 3801 Centerpoint Way Joliet, IL 60436

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Chicago is an important component in global distribution, as it is the third largest inter-modal port in the world. Chicago is also the largest hub in the railroad industry as about one third of the country’s freight trains pass through Chicago.

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Some Of Our Joliet Truck Parking Features Include…


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Semi truck stops and parking lots are constantly monitored to automatically update TSPS with information about how many semi truck parking spots are available in each. As a driver, you can access this information using a smart phone or computer. Equipped with information about where truck parking is available, you can make easier and more efficient decisions about when and where to pull off the road. When it’s time to stop and rest, many drivers report it taking an hour or more to locate a parking spot. Not only is this a major inconvenience for the driver, but it wastes valuable time. That way, you can spend more time driving and less time searching, resulting in a more efficient delivery every time.

Joliet Truck Parking Chicago IllinoisDrivers get easy access to information that allows them to know where truck parking is available, plan their trips, get quality rest and spend more time on the road. This also benefits fleets, because not only will they know their drivers are safe, they will be able to recruit more drivers as business grows. Plus, the transfer of goods across the country will be more efficiently accomplished.

An essential deficiency of parking for enormous trucks in the U.S. undermines the security of truck drivers.

From 2010 through 2014, 40 major apparatus drivers were killed while working, as per the Bureau of Labor measurements. The organization has not yet issued 2015 information. Trucking bunches say an absence of safe parking puts drivers at hazard.

Manslaughters are simply part of the issue. Truck load robberies happen at the rate of at any rate twice day by day, as per FreightWatch International, a coordinations security benefits firm. Of those robberies, 86 percent happen in unsecured locales, for example, open parking and truck trailer drop parts.

There are more than 3 million truckers on U.S. streets however parking for roughly 300,000 trucks, as indicated by the Federal Highway Administration, or FHWA. Numerous states are reporting intense parking needs, basically along real travel passages and in thick metropolitan territories.

This leaves truckers like Tim Philmon, a 34-year trucking veteran, looking for panic parking spaces on a daily premise. In spite of the fact that he has never been ransacked of any individual things, he has had a heap stolen off of his truck.

“Ordinarily, I attempt to avoid terrible areas to stop and rest, however some of the time it’s unavoidable,” Philmon said. “Likewise, I attempt to stop in sufficiently bright parts. Never do I go to sleep in rest territories, entrance ramps or measure stations.”

More than 75 percent of truck drivers told a FHWA overview that they “frequently” experienced “issues with discovering safe parking areas when rest was required.” And 90 percent reported attempting to discover safe parking around evening time.

Now and again, the lack of spaces pushes tired truck drivers to keep driving, the FHWA said. An absence of spaces likewise makes movement risks when drivers stop at dangerous areas, for example, on the shoulders of streets, on off-ramps or at empty parts when they can’t find lawful parking recognizes, the administration organization said.

The deficiency is intensified by districts passing laws forbidding truck parking and notwithstanding banning truck prevents from working in their groups. They refer to movement and natural attentiveness toward the controls.

Gathering individuals in Mesquite, Nev., voted to piece Pilot Flying J from purchasing a building and 21 sections of land for a truck stop and parking in December 2012. The truck stop organization has made a second demand this year, and a choice is pending.

Truckers are running up against urban areas, for example, North Bend, Wash., which a year ago banned new truck parking spots from being inherent the group. That mandate additionally kept the main truck prevent around the local area from extending to suit the flood of truck movement.

The TravelCenters of America truck stop in North Bend has spaces for around 140 trucks. A director there said his parcel is full each night. Unfortunate drivers who touch base there after dim are regularly compelled to drive another 70 miles to the closest truck stop in Ellensburg, Wash., or take their risks and stop on the shoulder or off an incline.

Harlingen, Texas, a month ago sanctioned a statute that forbids business vehicles from parking on avenues for more than 24 hours in a 14-day time frame, refering to street support and security risks. This is driving a few truckers without option parking choices to stop on city roads at any rate, regardless of the dread of a fine.

Drivers in Faribault, Minn., are likewise attempting to stop their apparatuses inside city restrains after inhabitants whined about trucks being stopped along city boulevards. In July, a board of trustees there voted to introduce “No Truck Parking” on some city avenues there.

However, the government got to be keen on the truck parking deficiency after the March 2009 murder of 35-year-old truck driver Jason Rivenburg. That crime incited Congress to pass enactment in July 2012 known as Jason’s Law requesting the FHWA to scrutinize the truck parking issue.

Be that as it may, of $231 million in parking venture demands submitted to the FHWA, just $34 million has been dispensed. A large portion of that — $20 million — was granted to pay for purported keen transportation frameworks innovation that outfits parking ranges to ready drivers when parking spaces are accessible through in-taxicab informing and other warning frameworks.

Jason’s Law additionally coordinated the FHWA to overview the capacity of states to give truck parking. It requested an appraisal of truck volumes in every state and attempted to build up an estimation framework to help states assess truck parking.

The enactment started the foundation by the FHWA of the National Coalition on Truck Parking.

“Clearly, truck parking is principally about whole deal trucking since it’s spreading over different states, so we are uniting a few states at these provincial gatherings to take a gander at truck parking needs,” said Caitlin Rayman, executive of the FHWA’s Office of Freight Management and Operations.

Real trucking associations, including the American Trucking Associations and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association have joined the coalition.

Yet, the truck parking deficiency remains a refractory issue for the cargo business.

Tackling the issue may oblige urban areas to change zoning laws to take into consideration more truck parking, said Roth of the American Trucking Associations.

“At times it might mean giving truck stops money related motivators to construct more truck parking to take care of the demand,” Roth said. “Also, I believe it’s up to the shippers to assume on some liability, in light of the fact that on the off chance that they have secure parcels, they ought to permit truckers to stop for the night.”

The Federal Department of Transportation benefits because the industry will more easily be able to adhere to truck driving and hours of rest requirements, making for safer highways throughout the country.

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